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Amazing Urban Walks
Near The Poet


When you’re home at The Poet, you don’t need to drive far from the city or go to the Toronto Island to take a peaceful hike with your family or friends. Put today’s to-do-list aside and escape to one of the several premier urban hiking trails near your community. All these trails are a short walk or bike ride from your front door. Plus, they’re all free, have detailed trail guides and maps, and have great TTC access. With these trails nearby, you’ll never have to brave highway traffic or squirm your way onto an overcrowded ferry!


Woodbine Beach is a beautiful place to spend a day. With Blue Flag certification for the beach, playgrounds for the kids, and shops along Queen St. E. to browse, you’ll never get bored. But one of the best parts about the area is the beautiful boardwalk. At 9km in length, this flat, unobstructed path is a beautiful way to take in the lake. The wooden planks give the whole walk a rustic feel. Enjoy the fresh clean air, take a break from the boardwalk and dip your toes in the lake or walk on the beach. If you want to see it all a little faster, hop on your bike and ride on the accompanying asphalt bike trail. There’s no wrong way to take in the lake.



A natural oasis in the heart of the city, the Don River Valley boasts a peaceful riverfront trail perfect for fitness and fun! The 6.5 km trail begins at Broadview subway station, passes through the scenic Riverdale Park East and Chester Springs marsh, climbs back up to the ravine at Pottery Road, and concludes with a spectacular view of the city and the Don Valley below. If you take your hike on a Tuesday, make a point of visiting the farmer’s market at Riverside Farm, and buy some fresh produce at the farm’s shop! A fresh cookie or cup of hot apple cider will make the remainder of your hike at the Don River Valley that much sweeter!



This beloved park and trail that juts out from the mainland is entirely man-made. Originally created as a breakwater for the port, this wonderful 15 km peninsula has become one of Toronto’s most prized wildlife reserves. Walking along this car-free trail will give you time to enjoy over 400 species of vegetation, many of which aren’t usually visible to the urban dwelling folk, not to mention the views of the city. Don’t miss an opportunity to spend a day on The Spit. You won’t be disappointed.