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Evolution of The East

November 13, 2018

Residents at The Poet will have access to unparalleled revitalization and development happening in east Toronto through two remarkable initiatives — The East Harbour neighbourhood development and Sidewalk Labs Toronto. Boasting innovative public infrastructure, exciting new shopping districts and more, there is plenty to be excited about in Toronto’s east end.

First on the list is The East Harbour — one of the largest urban revitalization projects in North America. Spanning 60 acres, this dynamic new neighbourhood will be the new commercial retail epicentre of Toronto. This development is projected to bring 50,000 jobs within its office, retail, entertainment, cultural and institutional uses. The community is a forerunner for sustainability with its multimodal transit connections that will see the neighbourhood served by Regional Express Rail, SmartTrack, Broadview LRT, Queens Quay LRT and the Relief Line Subway. This will be a place where work, play and discovery all live side by side, creating an integrated and contemporary urban lifestyle unlike anything Toronto has ever seen before. East Harbour is a walkable neighbourhood at the nexus of the Don Valley and Martin Goodman Trails. This means you can leave your home at The Poet, hop on your bike, and within minutes, experience the best in work, play, nature and culture.

The other highly anticipated development coming soon to The Poet’s area is Sidewalk Labs. Born from Google’s innovation-leading parent company Alphabet, Sidewalk Labs is creating the world’s first smart city just minutes from The Poet. Sidewalk Labs will be partnering with local government and business to use technology to address big urban challenges and improve quality of life in the city. Combining forward-thinking and innovative design, new digital technology and sustainability to create people-centred neighbourhoods, Sidewalk LabsToronto will create a global hub of urban innovation on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. There will be numerous exciting developments coming from Sidewalk Labs in the years to come, but the first big step is already underway! It’s all starting with the creation of Quayside — the new home to Google’s Canadian headquarters. One of the major goals of Sidewalk Labs is to attract even more start-ups to the area and to make Toronto a global hub of a rising new Urban Innovation industry that aims to change the way we live and work all across the planet.

Ultimately, East Harbor and Sidewalk Labs are two elements of the same inspired sea-change that is currently underway in East Toronto. The better future they represent is alive with possibility, but we also have a pretty good idea of what it might look like. It’s a future that embraces adaptable buildings, industry-changing construction methods and people-friendly street designs. It’s a future we look forward to being a part of at The Poet Condominiums. The Poet blog will be providing updates about East Harbour and Sidewalk Labs whenever new information becomes available!